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2020, a year we could not have planned for

Covid-19 has put the world upside down with public health the first priority right now. This means for us that we have postponed all our holidays and private groups in May, June and July to 2021. We are very grateful that almost all our customers that booked these months in 2020 have changed their booking to 2021 with their deposit is transferred to the new booking.

2020 holidays and private hiking tours

We are still hoping to be able to resume our 2020 holidays in August, but nothing is sure at the moment. We will contact everybody that has booked a holiday in August or September well before the balance is due with an update and customers will have the opportunity to postpone their holiday to 2021 for the price of the 2020 holiday with your deposit transferred to their 2021 booking.

The British government has disclosed some of their plans for easing the restrictions in the coming months and how they want to lift it in England. The devolved government of Scotland decides about what happens in Scotland, so the plans disclosed for England don't apply to Scotland. The virus arrived in Scotland later, so it is expected that restrictions will be lifted here later.

There is also talk of restrictions for people arriving into Britain, but nothing is sure yet.

Social distancing

The big question is when accommodations will re-open and if social distancing remains in place, how this will comply with travelling in the minibuses we use and on ferries and going out for a meal. Many questions that need to be answered before we can start considering resuming our holidays. We are also looking into measures to keep everybody safe and to protect you and your fellow travellers from contracting & spreading Coronavirus / COVID-19 while you are joining our holidays. If your holiday will go ahead, we'll inform you about these measures.

Working from our homes

Karen and I worked already from our homes with the essential files in our own cloud. From that point not much has changed, but with all the May, June and July holidays postponed there is no longer work for two people. Only a part-time job is left. With the business being seasonal, finances are tight, but we have enough reserves to survive a year without business and we applied for a grant from the Scottish Government to help us through a year without income. All our guides are also sitting at home instead of taking our customers on walks all over Scotland. For them also most of their work is in the summer months, so we are all trying to make the best of it. Everybody is still healthy and we hope that you are too. That's the most important thing.

The money customers already paid to us is safely into our 'In-Trust About Argyll Walking Holidays' account, where it is protected by the independent trustees of Sue Minns Accountability, Kilmun until after they have taken their holiday.

At the moment we are not supposed to travel to go for a walk, so Karen and I now know the hills behind our houses in more detail than ever, exploring an abundant settlement and seeing lots of wild flowers during the daily walks. Here are some pictures taken on the hill behind my house and the view down the Clyde to the Isle of Arran, taken by Karen from the hill above her house.

Strachur and Loch Fyne
Above Frieda's house: Strachur and Loch Fyne
Deserted settlement
Ruins of deserted settlement
Clyde and Isle of Arran
Above Karen's house: looking down the Clyde to Arran