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Shetland walking holiday for groups of 4 or more

Walking holiday Shetland Islands

Walking on Muckle Roe, Shetland

As from 2016, we no longer schedule our walking holiday of the Shetland Isle, but we are happy to add it to our holiday programme again if you would like to do this holiday and are with 4 or more people. You can also do this holiday as a private guided walking holiday of course.

Coastal walks full of interest

This holiday offers longer walks of 6 to 10 miles a day. The holiday includes walks at Fitful Head, Nesting, the remote tidal island of Uyea in Northmavine with its sandy beach and turquoise waters, Yell, Papa Stour and the red granite island of Muckle Roe. All are coastal walks full of interest.

Shetland is a unique place with long hours of daylight, beautiful landscapes, abundant wildlife and a rich cultural heritage. We pride ourselves on exploring those parts of Shetland which few other walking holiday operators visit.

For further details go to Shetland walking holiday or to Shetland walking tour for the holiday to Shetland with walks of up to 6 miles.