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Supporting Remote Communities in Scotland through Sustainable Tourism

25 years of running small group walking tours to remote rural and island communities in Scotland - 10 things  we’ve learnt!

Lesson No 1. Lunch with About Argyll Walking Holidays Small Group sizes of 1 to 18 people - minimizing our impact to the environment and maximising benefits to remote communities. 
Lesson No 2. Reusable lunch bags Less plastic please. Reusable packed lunches bags!
Lesson No 3. Water bottles And no plastic bottles. Reusable water bottles replenished from the cleanest sources!
Lesson No 4. Minibus Small groups means small vehicles which means being able to access the remotest parts of Scotland.
Lesson No 5. Papa Stoer ferry Sustaining 'lifeline' ferry services by visiting some of the smallest island communities in Scotland like Papa Stour (population 6).
Lesson No 6. Iona boat Dining on the islands - even if it means chartering a yacht home.
Lesson No 7. Sheep on Unst Supporting local farmers and craftspeople, buying locally made textiles, jewellery, art and enjoy locally produced food.
Lesson No 8. Gearge the grey seal, Lerwick Supporting local wildlife boat tour operators like Thule Charters. Meet George the grey seal!
Lesson No 9. Ness of Brodgar, Orkney Donations to local archaeological digs; like the Ness of Brodgar Archaeological site, sustained through annual donations and fundraising.
Lesson No 10. About Argyll private group Leave no trace; take only pictures and memories.

Sustainable tourism supported through government - Green Tourism Gold Award, the highest award possible.

Green Tourism Gold Award