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What's the weather like in Scotland?

A saying we use in Scotland is "if you don't like the weather, just wait five minutes". We can have all four seasons in one day even through the summer months, although the temperatures are more favourable. Our weather is a constant topic of conversation. We predict whether it is safe to "hang out the washing" or what to take on a hike up on the hills, even on the best of days just be well prepared.

Sunshine and showers on Mull
Sunshine and showers on the Isle of Mull

Scotland in Winter

With the ever changing climates around the globe we are lucky that Scotland does not experience the extremes that have been seen over the past decades in other continents. The weather can be harsh in the winter months yet some years it can be mild with little or no snow. This year we are experiencing some colder snaps of weather, in the North of Scotland temperatures have dropped down to -14°C/7°F and snowfall this January has measured up to 38 cm/15" in some parts of the Highlands.

 Old Man of Storr, Skye
Old Man of Storr and The Storr, Skye, covered in snow

Weather forecast important for planning the walk

A new weather satellite is circling the earth. The JPSS-1 satellite, launched on the 18th November 2017 will provide a huge array of observational, near real-time, data which will be shared with US national and international partners including the Met Office in the UK. We are all better informed by technology that is now in place and more detailed weather predictions help us plan our outdoor activities throughout the year and help our guides planning for the day.

There are lots of webcams in place across Scotland. One of the best webcams in Scotland will let you see live panoramic views from the Snowgoose Restaurant at 655m/2,150ft near the highest mountain in the British Isles - Ben Nevis.


Loch Fyne sunset
The Scottish climate means that we often get stunning sunsets

Hiking and Walking Season About Argyll Walking Holidays

Overall one can say that the weather in Scotland is very changeable and depending on the season, altitude and region, there can be big differences. Our guided walking holidays start in May and end in September, these are the more favourable months to walk or hike in the wildness of the Scottish countryside.
Scotland is great in any season it's just waiting to be explored in all weathers. and as our famous comedian and songwriter Billy Connolly once said "there's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes!"